Nexcare The Liquid Bandage: Spray Version. Its Great! It Matts the Tattoo! It lasts Longer! and its Waterproof!

I’m currently using “Liquid Bandage from Nexcare” and I love it! This is the second time I have used it and I’m loving it more, it can come out quick when you spray it, and it can run if your not used to it, but after 1-3 tries you become a pro. It looks like a pool of water on the skin after spraying, so I spread the runny part around with my clean fingers and the results were great. Once you spray it, it drys in 30 seconds so you need to be quick.

How to use “Nexcare Liquid Bandage” No Sting.

1. Do not use on the face. (it does not say this but I think its better not too, as you want to remove facial tattoos at the end of the day just like makeup) Read the instructions on the box first.
2. Once you’ve applied your tattoo let it dry for 2-3 minutes longer if you like. Then spray your first light coat of Nexcare on the tattoo, from a distance of 1 inch. As you spray If it comes out looking like a pool of water blend it over the tattoo with your finger. Then wait for 30 seconds until its dry, then repeat the process once more and thats it.
(With your free extra tattoos I send you can practice with these first)

Day 1.

First Photo is “Nexcare Liquid Bandage” Followed by photos of the temporary tattoo after I have the sprayed the tattoo with Nexcare. The first day is the most important for your temporary tattoo they are settling into the skin, so be extra careful with wear and tare. You will notice that the darker the tattoo, the more shinny it will be , but “Nexcare” will reduce the shine as the day goes on.

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Day 2.

Morning and evening photos. The first thing you will notice is the tattoo is matte looking. If you look closely you will notice the inside of the arm has picked up a little lint this is because the inside of the arm gets a lot of rubbing against your clothing, so the tattoo gets dirty and won’t last as long. As for myself I work out in the Gym every day so this also adds wear and tare to my tattoos, the next photos will highlight this. What you will also notice that the tattoo on the top part of the arm is free of lint, and highlights the fact there is less friction on this part of the body.
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Days 3 & 4.

As I mentioned above I have also worked out in the gym everyday.. I recommended not working out in the gym when wearing your temporary tattoos, if you want to make your tattoo last. So you can see the results in the pictures after my gym session. You might notice I have removed the little acorn tattoo near my wrist too. This is because the tattoo got a lot of beating, from using my computer, as I tend lean my wrists against the computer key board.
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So what do I think about “Nexcare”?

Well in all honesty I really love it, I’m quiet happy for my tattoos to last 2-3 days, but “Nexcare” takes the shine out makes it less sticky and its waterproof too. Its worth using for the waterproofing alone. What I loved most was, the 2-4mm clear edging of the tattoo was hard to spot in day 2 and the temporary tattoos looked real. Its ideal for a weekend away, the festival or beach its perfect. If your a swimmer its a must! Plus having this in your first aid kit is pretty cool too. Its a liquid bandage at the end of the day and it wasn’t made for tattoos, but I feel we got lucky with this product.

Pros for “Nexcare”

  1. Mattes your tattoo
  2. Its waterproof
  3. Less lint attaches to your tattoo
  4. Tattoo lasts longer if you place it well.
  5. It does not sting, other products like this do sting, (but the reviews I saw were on open wounds)

Cons for “Nexcare”

1. The spray comes out thick and can run, It looks like a pool of water on the skin so rub that part over the tattoo area. (Its designed for to create a protective layer for cuts)
2. Dry time is only 30 seconds. So be quick.
3. Difficult to remove runs if you let them set in. (
Top Tip! Blend them in with your finger)
4. It can be slightly sticky, but mostly its not.

Images below show my first trial, using Nexcare, as well as placement of the inside of the arm, not the best area for long life of your tattoo.
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Next Up is My Testing for Liquiskin…