Applying Temporary Tattoos With Makeup.

I recently went to an Urban Decay makeup event, I really loved it, I picked up some make up tricks of the trade, and it's totally inspired me. So I'm going to share with you the makeup tips I learnt and show you how to apply tattoos to your face. I also used some of my other makeup to create the look, so have fun with whatever you have.

My Favorite Makeup & Why.

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All Nigher, Vice Liquid Lipstick & Rimmel Scandal Eyes

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Mermaid Sleeve Sealed With "All Nighter" By Urban Decay.

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Snazaroo Face & Body Paint along with Body Glitters

1. All Nighter Makeup Fixer - You spray this on your face after applying your makeup (with your eyes closed) and it fixes and waterproofs everything. I highly recommended it, it lasts all night and maybe a great accessory for festivals. The mermaid scales and makeup on my arm didn't even rub off on my clothes With every temporary tattoo order you will get some extra tattoos to practice with first.

I recommend finding Urban Decay at your local makeup shop, so you test and have a play with their products before your party or before you buy. You can have some real fun adding extra sparkles for your event.

2. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Bold - I love this cause its waterproof and I love the little bobble on the end of the brush which is different from the fine brush, it allows you to create beauty spots in perfect circles and I use this to help to break up the edges of the temporary tattoos. I also created a little line of dots underneath my eyes on my gothic bat makeup and my starry eyes make up.

3. Glitter dust and liquid liners - there is so much on the market at the moment and its really popular so have fun with what you can find. I found these little tubs of loose facial and body glitter and I just dabbed that on after I finished the final touches.

4. Snazaroo Professional Face and Body Paint - I love this product! it's perfect for filling in-between the eye and the tattoo safely. It goes on how ever you like, I used a paintbrush and added a bit of water so it went on ike liquid eyeliner. I love wearing black makeup so I used this on my starry eye tattoo below. I was able to get a true black base, before adding the final touches of glitter after finishing my makeup. Since using this I have bought a palette of colors for future make up features.

My Gothic Bat Eyes - List of Makeup I Used.

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The "Urban Decay Makeup" I used...
• Eye shadows - Naked Smokey
• Vice Glitter lipstick - Flashback
• All Nighter Makeup Fixer

Other Makeup
• Eye shadows - Modern Renaissance - Anastasia
• Liquid eyeliners - Rimmel Scandal Eyes BOLD.

• Eyeliners Purple
• White Rainbow Glitter

Step 1

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Make sure you face is clean and dry from any lotions… Pull the adhesive side of the tattoo off and place the tattoo on the desired area of the face and hold for 20 seconds. Then get a damp cloth and place that over the tattoo for 60 seconds. Be patient is best to not rush cause you don't want to lift any of the edges off. If you do don't worry I've done it myself just dabb it down cause you can hide it with make up and glitter after.
More in depth description of Temporary Tattoo Application

Image to the left is just the tattoo with no makeup.

You will notice the tattoo is shinny, this is cause the darker the ink the more shinny it is. As it settles into the skin the tattoo looses some of its shine.

Step 2

Next step is to apply your foundation. My new favorite tool is the "Optical Blurring Brush" by Uban Decay its great for applying your primers and foundations without having to over apply your makeup. I also bought the "The Finger Brush" which I used for my color correctors and concealers.
When applying your makeup, work around your tattoo with a dabbing motion working downwards and away from the tattoo, by dabbing my primers I was able to build up fine layers of makeup smoothing out my face and building up an even tone before adding my highlighters.
You want to avoid rubbing your foundation on, because you could end up catching the edges of the tattoo and lifting it up! Remember to always work away from the tattoo with a dabbing downwards motion.
Then your be ready to add your eyeshadows and eyeliners to create your desired looks.
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Step 3

Once you've applied your makeup, you can add any extras you like. I used glitter then I sealed it all in with Urban Decay All Nighter Fixer.

Starry Eyes with Snazaroo Professional Face & Body Paint.

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The image above I have attached my tattoo and I used black eye shadow for filling in between the eye and the tattoo and it wasn't black enough.
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On this image above I used the Snazaroo paint and it works brilliantly. It created a true black base.
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And the final image above you can really see the sweet effects if the glitter as the finishing touches.