Temporary Tattoo Application - Materials Needed.

• Temporary tattoos lasts 2-3 days, but can last up to a week depending on placement & how you look after them.
.• Avoid areas that receive a lot of friction from clothing & other body parts.
• My tattoo are not waterproof, they are made with an adhesive that help them attach to the skin. If you want to swim, then I recommend
Nexcare Liquid Bandage, this will put a waterproof protective layer on top of the tattoo. It will also matte it & prolong the life of your tattoo. A must read
• Removes easily with coconut oil, baby oil, hot soapy water or rubbing alcohol.

Temporary Tattoo • Wet/Damp Cloth • Translucent Power • Blusher Brush

Materials Needed
Temporary tattoo
Wet/damp cloth
Translucent facial powder
Blusher Brush

When choosing a place to apply your tattoo, choose an area that is FREE of body hair. Wash the area and dry thoroughly. Skin should be dry when the temporary tattoo is applied.
1. Making sure your hands are not wet. Remove the second side of the adhesive sheet backing making sure not to tough the art area.
  1. Apply the tattoo to your skin and press firmly for 20 seconds.
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3. Wet the release liner with a slightly wet/damp sponge (make sure its not dripping) and press and hold for 60 seconds. When the paper is thoroughly wet you will see the tattoo image through the water slide. The liner (paper) will move naturally as you slide it away gently. For Larger tattoos I'd be more patient and leave it on for 30 seconds longer. You are paying more money for these tattoos so its best to be patient.
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4. Release the liner to reveal your tattoo. If the tattoo starts to lift at the edge then you have removed it too soon, leave damp cloth on for a further 20 seconds this may help
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5. The tattoo will be slightly tacky to the touch. So let it dry for 2-3 minutes the longer you leave it the better as the tattoo is settling into your skin.

6. Afterwards apply some translucent powder with a blusher brush, gently brush over the tattoo till its not tacky any more.This will also prevent lint from sticking to your tattoo. (When you shower try not to get the tattoo wet if you have
not sealed it with
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If your going to swim then the best way to make your tattoo waterproof would be Nexcare The Liquid Bandage: Spray Version. Its Great! It Matts the Tattoo! It lasts Longer! and its Waterproof! A must read for those who want the most of their temporary tattoo. Click here:

• After a swim or shower, pat dry, don’t rub.
• Keep away from soaps, oils and sunscreen.
• Exposure to hot water can melt the medical-grade glue and shorten the life of your tattoo, try to keep your tattoo out of direct shower spray.
• Enjoy your design while it lasts, then try another!

Temporary Tattoo Removal