There are many reasons we go down the temporary tattoo route. From parties to fashion many of you have various reasons to opt for the temporary tattoo. So here are the…

Top 5 Reasons For Temporary Tattoos

No 1 - Fancy Dress

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No 2 - To See What A Tattoo Looks Like

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No 3 - Photoshoots & Acting

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No 4 - Birthdays & Parties

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No 5 - Changeable Fashion

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But it doesn't stop here! We love the Creative Fun aspect too, We have Hen Parties, Marathon Tinker Bell Fun Runs, and Allergies too.

Top 3 Sellers

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Solutions for Temporary Tattoo Application, Removing Temporary Tattoos, How to Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer & Makeup Advice

How To Make Your Temporary Tattoo Last Longer!

1. Nexcare The Liquid Bandage: Spray Version. Its Great! It Matts the Tattoo! It lasts Longer! and its Waterproof! A must read for those who want the most of their temporary tattoo. Click here
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Coming Soon! Liquiskin®

Its a product from Australia specially formulated as a shine remover, it adds a second film layer to help your tattoo last longer and look even better! I’ve heard it will matte your design and protect it, so it will last up to 7 days.

Coming Soon! Real Teal ®

Another product I’ve researched and this from Momentary Ink. Made in the US.

How To Appy Your Temporary Tattoo

Applying your temporary tattoo. Click here

A Kinder Way To Remove Temporary Tattoos.

"Coconut Oil" removal. Click here

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