What Kind of Customer are You? And Helpful Hints to Help You to Design Something Unique.

Since I have been designing tattoos, I have meet all kinds of different customers, we are all unique humans beings with different ideas and goals. You may find it difficult to explain your ideas to me. Don't worry because I am here to help.

Customer A
You know exactly what you want, right down to the image or photo to work from, along with the style, by this you have an image of a style you like, sometimes a favorite tattoo artist, fantasy artist etc, this is great cause your giving me all the information I need.

Customer B 
You who have seen a tattoo you like and you want a tattoo in the same style, but you want a fish rather than a flower - again here I work with this as I can work to various styles.

Customer C 
Likes free range, by this I mean you want some angel wings for a tattoo and  you want them in Celtic style, but you give me full range to come up with something from my imagination.

Customer D 
1.You have an idea of what you want but you send me lots of different images and all of them different in styles, but none of them are working together, this is very confusing for me cause I’m not sure which one to go with. You also have no exact image or models to work from. You are then asking me to come up with something out of thin air and design something, and you might not like it.

Customer E
Changing your idea midway through the job. As were working together you change the image or what you want entirely - This is bad for both of us, it costs me time and you money.

What I love.

I can really work well with good clear images the larger the image the better because it contains all the information I need to work from.

Top Solutions to help you

Tip 1 - Style
Show me the style of the tattoo you'd like. You need to know exactly what you want. Research it.

Tip 2 - Reference material
Show me tattoos that you like the look of, I cannot imagine what is in your head I need guidance.

Tip 3 - Image
Show me the image you want me to work from. Good quality big images, the larger the better.

Tip 4. Description
Be clear on all the elements you want along with size placement and finer details the more you can tell me the story the better I can serve you and ask questions.

Tip 5. Chat with Me
Sometimes talking about your tattoo helps better than typing it down cause we can ask each other questions

Your art and your experience is what counts and I want you to be happy with your tattoo, so I'm here for you for every step of the the design.
Octavia Vaughan

Advice One on One its FREE!

I'm here to help and the more I know about what you want the better I can deliver and give you what you want. Contact Me for my Skype details.