“It’s my aim to make your visions come to life, and do it in a professional manner.”

Once you have decided you like me to design you a tattoo. You would need to let me know what kind of tattoo you are looking for? Here’s a list below to guide you in what to think about when designing your tattoo.

Top Five Tips in Custom Tattoo - Some Basic Rules in Your Design

1. Keep it Simple - In artwork the more simple the design the more it will stand out so don’t overcomplicate things.

2. Adding Detail - Detail is great too if you pick out a couple of design elements in your tattoo without over cramming it, too much will make it harder for the average tattoo artist to create, but there are many exceptional tattoo artist out there that can do it, but do your homework first explore the wealth of talent out there.

3. Go Larger - Most of you want too much detail in a small tattoo, this dosen't work on many levels and your making it harder to tattoo and cramping the design a tattoo needs to flow with your body. Its not a postage stamp its a statement of creativity.

4. Be creative - think anything is possible and let the artist or tattooist think outside the box, they can really add that special touch.

5. Find the Best Tattooist for You - Cheap dos not mean Great! You pay for what you Get. Find the one that can do the style you love and be prepared to wait all good comes to those who wait ;)

The Human Connection.

Skype chat to me about your wishes - Put your trust in me I love helping people out. Chatting with you in person really allows us to talk ideas through and ask each other questions, from my past experience both of us find this very beneficial to the design of your tattoo.

Sample Design Quotes

Lettering and Symbols from $40
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Flowers and Trees start from $70.00 - Blossom $120

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Portraits from $200 James Son $250
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Full Sleeves from $400 - Deans and Chest from $500
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Back Tattoo from $400 - James Back Piece $600
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