When you purchase any tattoo designs from Lunarian Tattoos, you will get a letter of permission to take to your chosen tattooist giving permission of use my art by yourself. If you would like to alter the image slightly to fit your colours that is fine.
• Any purchase of a tattoo design from Lunarian Art grants the purchaser the right to reproduce the design for their personal tattoo only.
• Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited.
• All designs and images by Lunarian Art are protected by copyright.
• No one may copy, sell, distribute, and/or in any way make use of the images and designs by without the express written consent of Lunarian Art.

Returns and Exchanges

Email tattoo flash and stencils are non-refundable.
One off tattoo designs once emailed are non-refundable.
If you book to have me to design your custom tattoo and decide to change your mind, only the deposits is non-refundable.