I've Moved to California

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Octavia has been traveling since 2006. Octavia began her journey riding on Harley Davidsons, with her husband on the Route 66 in the United States. This lead onto traveling for the next ten years. Recently she has moved to San Jose California. She moved here with her talented husband Gary Vaughan in May 2016.

Octavia was bought up in a farm in Herefordshire, surrounded by green fields and vast woodlands with no city life or traffic in sight.
Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire are on the welsh border and are know as one of the most beautiful county's of the UK with rolling hills, windy lanes and pretty villages. J.R. Tolkien visited here and wrote part of Lord and the Rings.

Octavia has been creating art from the time she could hold a pencil, and its turned into a lifetime passion. Over the years she has loved creating fantasy art. In her early days she loved to airbrush artwork onto motorcycles, guitars and motorcycle helmets. She gave all that up to travel the world. Now she creates art for people all around the world from portraits to custom tattoo design. Fulfilling her life times passion to work for herself no matter where in the world she is. She's learnt to create her own website and is mastering her shop etsy.

She tumbled onto temporary tattoos in 2014 whilst living in New Zealand and selling her at at Queenstown Art Fair held on Saturdays. She ordered some tattoo paper and created tattoos for all ages and the first show she took them too people just loved them she would tattoo people for fun. She then listed a few on etsy which got her noticed and grew steadily from there.

Samples of Art - 1st Pencil - 2nd Acrylic - 3rd Digital

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Octavia can work digitally or traditionally and she works with: Graphite pencils, Colored pencils, Acrylic paints, iPad Pro

Custom Tattoos Bridging the Gap from fantasy to Reality.

During the days of her traveling she has been redefining herself, her artistic creativity to suit her new traveling lifestyle. The early days was spent working on her personal art for pleasure, working in the fantasy realms with faeries, mermaids and mythical Men. You can see these creations here.
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Motorbike Passion and Custom Painting the Early Years.

One of Octavia's main passions in life is motorbikes and custom painting, she was trained by the renowned Piers Dowell in the UK. She used her airbrushing skills to paint motorcycles, guitars, motorcycle helmets, snow boards and cars. Here pride and joy was a kawasaki Z1000Ltd she stripped down and rebuilt with Piers and friends. Featured on "Back Street Heros", to see more of Octavia’s. You can view more of her custom painting.
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From America to Asia and a Few Places Inbetween.

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Future Travel Dreams to see more of the United States, Peru, Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica and more